Regedit Windows Vista

As now windows vista introduced and as A techie guy everyone like to know about Regedit for Windows Vista.There are many option in regedit windows vista. I will update it as i collect registry editing windows vista.

you must take back up before doing any changes to registry of windows vista or windows XP.

Now graphics is most attractive features for windows vista.
Soo by regedit windows vista you can make great graphics.

you can Enable Avalon Effects in windows Vista

Make Aero turned on, and do the Following steps to add some effect on desktop and explorer :
go to run and type "regedit".
Go to HKEY_Local_Machine > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Explorer.
you need to make new DWORD and name it MILDesktop.
give value to MILDesktop to 1
Create a new DWORD and call it MILExplorer
Set the value of MILExplorer to 1
Exit and Restart

As if u want to Remove Splash Screen in Windows Vista mail do the following
go to the registy editor using regedit at run
expandHKEY_CURRENT_USER -- Software -- Microsoft -- Windows Mail.
Set "NoSplash"=dword:00000001
Exit and Restart

Now everyone like to see administrator at welcome screen as in windows vista
Show Administrator on Welcome Screen

Start type "control userpasswords2".
Select administrator account, click reset password (input new pass) and hit "OK".
open run and start "regedit".
and expand registry to
HKEY-LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE -- Microsoft -- Windows NT > CurrentVersion -- Winlogon -- SpecialAccounts -- UserList.
Create "DWORD (32bit) Value" with Value Name: Administrator and Value Data: 1

Microsoft has stopped full user control by default in Windows Vista .

The Aurora screensavers is built in Windows Vista screen saver. If you right click on the desktop, choose Personalization, then Screen Saver, you will be able to select
when you click the Settings button next to the screensaver, windows vista show error message message: “No options. This screensaver has no options that you can set.” I
Guess we might as well give up, right? Nopes.
Here is a trick

In windows Vista open regedit and enter.
Now expand registry to HKEY-CURRENT_USER > Software- Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Screensavers and Aurora.
creat new DWORD[ 32-bit]. Name it NumLayers then for value select Decimal and then set a value.
Be careful what value you give to Amplitude as it may result int dark screen for your screensaver.

For the Ribbons screensaver you may like to create two new keys dubbed NumRibbons and RibbonWidth, and and set value accordingly.

For the Mystify screensaver DWORD (32-bit) Value named NumLines. Give bigger value to get interesting effect.
the Bubbles screensaver can receive four values MaterialGlass, Radius, ShowBubles, ShowShadows.

If you want to reverto original things just delete the registry dword values that you added.
I will add more regedit for windows vista and windows xp soon.

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