windows vista printer installation problem

Windows vista printer installation problem and troubleshooting.

Windows vista facing problem with printer installation, some may be due to printer drivers or some problem due to windows vista configuration settings.

You want to use Windows Vista and you want to be able to print to a network printer, you are going to have to use UAC. You turned it off. Turn it back on. You are using the in-built “Administrator” account? Log-out and log-in as a normal admin.
. Microsoft says you have to use UAC to get a printer installed. If you do not use it, you get this ugly message:

Windows cannot connect to the printer. The specified print monitor is unknown.”

This error message shows up is not clear, it has nothing to do with the printer you choose to use or the process you take. This particular message is displayed when trying to add a printer via the wizard:

Solution available for printer installation on windows vista.

-->Only solution available is to re-enable UAC, restart the PC, add the printer, go through the UAC prompts, disable UAC, and then restart once more. It is really teasing.

-->If you are not using printer soo often than you can try this

1. Open the network share to the remote computer that has the printer installed.
2. Browse to the printer.
3. Drag the printer to the desktop with the right-mouse button, and select “Create shortcut.”
4. Drag the document you want to print to the shortcut on your desktop.
5. Rinse and repeat.

Another bug that got past the extensive RTM testing process. It is a bug that came into existence during the finalization process.

-->Troubleshoot printer installation in windows vista.

1. In Vista PC’s go to “Control Panel” - “Printers” - “Add printer”.
2. Click “Add a local printer” (I know you want to add a network printer but that way it doesn’t work).
3. Click “Create a new port” - “Local Port” - “Next”
4. In the next box you have to enter a port name like this: \\PC name\Printer name where “PC name” is the network name of the XP PC where you have the printer and “Printer name” the network name of that printer. Be careful with these names - you can double-check by viewing the PC in “Network Places.”
5. Finish the wizard and enjoy your UAC-free network printing.


mary said...

thank you for your help, it was the uac, its all working now, thank you so very much. mary crowther

ashwath shetty said...

hello i am not getting any error but i am not able to install the printer. i have HP PSC 2400 Photosmart and can anyone suggest me how to install the HP PSC 2400 Photosmart.