Windows Vista Problem Troubleshooting

Windows vista Problem
Telnet is not Installed by Default in windows vista.

Telnet configuration problem

1. Goto the Start menu and Control Panel.
2. If you are using the default Windows Vista Control Panel, click on programs:
if you are using the “Classic” control panel click on “Programs & Features”
3. Click on “Turn Windows Features On or Off”
4. Scroll down to “Telnet Client” and click the box.
5. Click OK and wait for Vista to take it’s sweet time to install the Telnet client.


Abhi said...

Telnet is an important communication interface where you can configure & setup your communication devices(eg. switches & routers) using specific ports & addressing through your system which can be your desktop PC,laptop,Workstation,etc.

Abhi said...

Basically its a communication interface where you can communicate & configure any network/network device/communicating device.