Windows Vista Features Reviews

Windows Vista Features & Reviews

Windows Vista Aero- reviews topic
redesigned GUI that is clean, eye-pleasing, supports transparencies and animations. The best Windows Vista Features as compare to other windows operating system

Windows vista Shell- considerable features
significantly different from Windows XP and includes built-in search. Even the Start Menu has changed.

vista Search- good feature
much faster and more thorough, similar to Window's Desktop Search and Apple's Spotlight.

Windows vista Sidebar features-
new panel on the right that has replaceable Desktop Gadgets (or widgets), e.g. weather.

Internet Explorer reviews in vista-
more secured than before, supports tabbed browsing like Firefox and reads RSS.

Windows Media Player 11-includes new GUI, search-as-you-type, sharing music and iTunes-like music store called URGE.

Windows vista Defender and Firewall-
advanced anti-spyware and 2-way firewall now integrated into the OS.

Windows Mail- need to be reviews
replaces Outlook Express with better stability and enhanced features.

Windows SideShow reviews.
supports auxillary displays, e.g. an additional smaller display on the outside of a laptop LCD.

Speech Recognition-
completely integrated into Windows Vista to activate commands and for dictation.

Windows Photo Gallery-
photo and movie app that supports easy importing, editing, slideshows and DVD burning.

Windows Collaboration-
replaces NetMeeting and allows collaboration over the network or P2P technology.

speeds up the loading of Windows and other applications by storing them in memory.

temporary performance booster by utilizing any flash disk (e.g. USB drive) as memory.

enables Windows Vista PCs equipped with hybrid hard drives to boot up almost instantly.

DirectX 10 in windows vista-
includes Shader Model 4.0 and Geometry shaders, which require the graphics card to support WDDM. This will allow the GPU to render complex scenes by itself.

Windows vista Media Center reviews and features-
previously existed as a separate edition in Windows XP called Windows XP Media Center. It is now built into Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions.


billmitch said...

unable to use photosuite 11 mgi with windows vista. it was working ok with with windows xp, any suggestions?

billmitch said...

unable to use photosuite 11 mgi with windows vista. It was working ok with windows xp, any suggestions?