Vista guide for file sharing

Microsoft windows vista guide for file sharing
Microsoft windows vista is mostly used in network. so sharing of file and foler is vary important here is vista guide for file sharing.

File sharing with Vista is handled differently too. It stops users accessing a shared folder unless there are accounts established for each user.

To share files from windows vista on a network your computer need to be connected with. Now click the Network button and open the Sharing Centre.
Turn On Sharing and now you are able to use Public folder to share. You can also set permission for other user to allow access for modify or change the files. One more option is available to turn of f password protection for public folder.

One more problem for networking between windows vista and windows xp is -
Windows Vista uses a new protocol named Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) to display computers in a network, but this protocol is not in windows xp or other windows operating system like windows 98.But for this Microsoft has release software for windows xp which must be installed on windows xp to show up vista machine on network. You can download this software for Microsoft download.

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