vista guides virtual memory configuration

Windows vista guide for virtual memory

Virtual Memory is system memory that is used by windows vista and it is part of hard disk. Operating system combines computer's RAM with virtual memory on your disk. When your PC uses more RAM, virtual memory transfer data from RAM to a space the paging file also called as swap file This will free up RAM and because of this applications can run smoothly without crashes.

If you don’t have high RAM by increasing the size of your virtual memory you can increase overall memory. Even if your PC has plenty of RAM available it is nice to configure paging file.

Windows vista guide for virtual memory configuration. Just follow these steps:

Right click on My Computer. And select Properties.
Select the System tab, click on advanced system settings.
This will open the advanced tab. Go to the Performance section and click on the Settings button.

In the Performance Options window you will see the current size of the swap/paging file which is default configuration by windows vista. To configure virtual memory click on Change.
By default, Windows Vista manages the paging file size for all your drives. To change this, first you need to deselect the checkbox from the top.

If is possible to configure the paging file for each of your drives. By default, the paging file is placed on the "C:" drive. If you like to use another partition, then select “c: drive", check the No paging file option and click on Set.
Now Windows Vista needs to create the paging file on different partition. Click the partition on which you want to configure paging file and then select System managed size or Custom size.

For custom size paging you need to give value for the initial size and the maximum size. For initial size=Give value around the original size of RAM installed)
Maximum size =2 - 3 times the size of your RAM.

After doing changes you need to restart windows vista.

I would suggest that keep record of default value for paging file.And if after making changes to paging file you observed that you performance reduced then change paging file size to original value.This guide for windows vista for techi guy only.

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